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  • ECO FRIENDLY, FRESH TASTING, TOXIN FREE:  Say no to plastic!  Glass is BPA, lead, PVC and toxin free and has no components that can affect the taste of your beverage.  Plus it's better for the environment too!
  • SLEEK & STYLISH SERVING BOTTLES: Not only great to carry around, these elegant bottles are designed beautifully to serve drinks at a party buffet, kitchen counter or dining room table at any event or setting.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CAPS:  with durable, leak resistant stainless steel caps and convenient carrying loops for everyday use!
  • EASY STORAGE:  ideal for storing fresh or squeezed juice, perfect for everyday use with a slim, refrigerator friendly size.  



  1. 精心打磨杯體如水晶般通透平滑杯身
  2. 水晶高硼硅玻璃 具有極強的耐熱、耐凍和抗腐蝕性
  3. 可耐-10℃~120℃溫度差

#800560 GLASS WATER BOTTLE - S 玻璃杯

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